Testimonials Quincy Dentist - Greg Wych DDS "Dear Colleague,

I have known Steve Matarazzo through a coaching and mastermind group for five or six years. I've always been impressed with his knowledge and drive for clinical excellence. He is truly a continuing education addict!

I travelled from Columbia, South Carolina to attend the event he hosted several weeks ago. The event featured Jack Danilov, from Sacramento California, presenting the Geneva 2000 denture technique.

If you are like me, you received very basic and rudimentary training in denture fabrication. I really do not like making dentures. I’ve been fortunate because Dr. Jack Turbyfill practices in my back yard. For those of you who don’t know, “Dr. T” is a legend in removable prosthetics. I’ve heard him speak numerous times about his Earl Pound impression and denture fabrication technique, but always thought it was too involved, too lengthy and just not something I wanted to do. After all, I’d rather do crown and bridge, implants and cosmetic dentistry. You might be the same. Besides, I could always refer a crazy or difficult denture patient to Dr. T.

Well, as we say down here, Dr. T is “fixin’ to ride off into the sunset”, which leaves a tremendous void for all of us in the Midlands of South Carolina.

However, you all are blessed to have Steve in your area and practicing the same techniques that Dr. T taught.

If you have a denture patient you would rather not treat, Steve Matarazzo is a great referral resource. And Steve will go miles out of his way to help you with the difficult patients you treat.

Certainly, we all want to restore edentulous patients with implant retained prostheses. Unfortunately, implants are often beyond the means of many well meaning patients. If you find yourself with a patient who requires a sophisticated or difficult denture restoration, I hope you consider a referral to Steve. Everybody will win, especially the patient."

Greg Wych DDS
Testimonials Quincy Dentist - Dr. Michael Goldberg Why did dentists from all over the Country come to Quincy to hear Dr. Matarazzo?

"My name is Dr. Michael Goldberg. I practice on Madison Avenue in Manhattan and have been in practice nearly 40 years. My colleagues consider me a very accomplished dentist. Yet, when it comes to dentures, I'm a novice compared to Dr. Matarazzo. That's why, when he told me about his seminar, I jumped at the opportunity to learn from a master in the art.

Dentists learn only the very basics of denture fabrication in dental school. And, if they're lucky they even get to make a set. I know because I taught at Columbia for 30 years and there weren't enough denture patients to go around. And, once a dentist graduates, he or she usually focuses on cosmetics and implants. It's just the way things are.

Most dentists don't know the techniques that Dr. Matarazzo uses. He's travelled near and far learning from the best. Whether it's facelift dentures or autocentric or another name, Dr. Matarazzo has learned them all. I trust he'll use whatever it takes to get the best result possible because that's just how he works.

Not everyone can afford $75-100,000 for implants and a full mouth rehabilitation. And, not everyone is a candidate for surgery and implants. It's nice to know that there are options for everyone to have great looking and functional dentures.

I'm glad I went to Quincy and I'm happy to recommend Dr. Matarazzo to anyone considering any sort of complex dentistry. In my experience, Dentists like Dr. Matarazzo are very hard to find."

Dr. Michael Goldberg

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