Customized Smile Make-Over transforms Quincy faces and lives

Procedures at Dr. Stephen Matarazzo, Quincy
Smile Make-Over Procedure, Quincy Making new smiles is my business; what you do with your smile is your business! If you are unhappy with what you see in the mirror, schedule a smile make-over consultation at my office in Quincy.

Envisioning your new smile

I can show how you would look with a movie star smile. We review before and after photographs of real smiles that look just like yours now, and see how they are transformed. Then we start with photos of your smile, and work together. You point out what you don't like, and I make suggestions that you probably haven’t even thought of. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. New opportunities await – jobs, relationships, improved self-image, and confidence. A new YOU!

The Matarazzo smile

I promise that we will not start until we both have a clear picture of the final result. My smile make-overs are quick. Usually in two to three visits, within about three weeks, you can be enjoying the benefits. I utilize my experience in big problem dentistry to guide (not force) you.

Most dentist let their labs make the decisions, so patients end up looking the same, with cookie-cutter smiles. Ninety-nine percent of dentists have someone they don’t know, at a large lab (which may not be in the USA), use a computer to cut your teeth from a block of ceramic, of one solid color. Real teeth are not blocks of material.

My smiles are all custom-designed. My team includes a Master Ceramist lab tech, and he is the only one who works on your restorations. He works from the same photographs that we use to create your smile. I guarantee my one tech, will follow our instructions and hand-create your new smile.

Don’t hold back – the sky is the limit! Call my Quincy office at (617) 405-3939 to get started on your smile make-over.

Before / After Pictures

Smile Make-Over, Post Op Retracted View

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