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Teeth are hard and strong, but they are not indestructible. Even with good oral hygiene, teeth can suffer from dental wear and erosion. Quincy dentist, Dr. Stephen Matarazzo, uses strong materials and skilled techniques to reverse the impact on the appearance and function of the mouth.

Understanding the problem

The human body favors an alkaline pH balance of 7.35 to 7.45. Dental erosion, which is a type of wear, occurs when teeth are regularly exposed to an acidic pH of 5.0 to 5.7 from:
  • Soft drinks
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Fruit juices
  • Chemical sweeteners
  • Acidic foods ranging from animal products to produce and grains
  • Chlorinated swimming pool water
  • Digestive fluids (acid reflux)
Erosion thins enamel, allowing yellowish dentin to show through. Edges become transparent, and gaps widen. Erosion may result in sensitivity to heat, cold, or sweet. Eventually, deterioration mimics wear that occurs from teeth grinding against one another. Enamel cracks, tooth structure erodes around fillings, and teeth break.

In either case, damage from natural wear or dental erosion should be addressed with healthy lifestyle changes and attention from a qualified dentist.

The role of biomimetic dentistry

The term “biomimetic” describes human processes that imitate nature. Dental bonding and porcelain veneers are forms of biomimetic dentistry that restores structural damage done by wear and dental erosion.

Dental bonding is a pliable compound of tooth-colored plastic and powdered glass, used to reshape and cover compromised dentition. Porcelain veneers are thin layers of translucent ceramic that are bonded to visible surfaces of teeth. Both treatments mask wear, restoring the lovely appearance of the smile. The protection they afford reduces sensitivity and risk of further damage.

To learn more about treating the causes and results of wear and dental erosion, schedule a consultation with Dr. Matarazzo. The number is (617) 405-3939, and new patients are welcome.

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