Patients who want to improve the way their smile looks may find a solution within the field of cosmetic dentistry. Cosmetic dentistry is a way for Dr. Stephen Matarazzo D.M.D. to make drastic or subtle changes to a patient's smile, and do so in a way that is both effective and affordable. Whether it is a simple filling, or an orthodontic treatment such as Invisalign, Dr. Matarazzo offers a number of procedures through his practice to allow patients the ability to transform and rejuvenate the way they look!

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Dr. Stephen Matarazzo D.M.D., P.C.
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" Stephen matarazzo is my favorite cosmetic dentist. Finally have the smile that i always wanted, highly highly recommended. "

Porcelain Veneers

Veneers are made to cover the front of the teeth, and are made extremely thin to preserve as much of the natural tooth structure underneath as possible. They are placed to cover and change the appearance of a tooth. They can be used in complete smile makeovers, or to improve a single tooth, and are a cost-effective way of addressing misshapen, discolored, or broken teeth. Dr. Matarazzo can discuss the benefits of veneers and the many ways they can rejuvenate a patient's smile!

Teeth Whitening

There are four types of whitening treatments available at Dr. Matarazzo's practice: take-home treatment kits, laser whitening, Zoom in-office whitening, and the KöR system. Each has its own benefits and results, and can be chosen based on the patient's needs and desires. Patients who are looking for a subtle change in their teeth color or shade may benefit from the take-home whitening kits, while patients who want results that are more dramatic can use the KöR whitening system, which incorporates both in-office power bleaching, as well as take-home trays to provide whiter, brighter smiles.


Orthodontic treatments such as Invisalign orthodontics are available at dental offices, and provide patients with an alternative to metal bracket and wire braces. Invisalign is a fast and effective way to straighten teeth with clear aligner trays. Patients will find that this treatment can adjust misaligned teeth as well as straighten and realign bites. It is also comparable in cost and treatment time to traditional orthodontia.

If you are interested in discovering the various cosmetic dental treatments available with Dr. Matarazzo, call today to schedule an initial consultation appointment.

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