High-tech Dentistry Services in Quincy, MA can give you a healthier smile

High-tech Dentistry Services in Quincy

Our smiles are indicative of our level of health. When the smile is bright and beautiful, we look younger and more vibrant, regardless of our true age. What goes on in the mouth has implications to the rest of the body. For decades, dentists have worked to help patients avoid dental problems such as cavities and gum disease, but we are still learning just how important oral health is to systemic health.

Where gum disease is concerned, there has long been a primary way to handle diseased tissue: with root planing and scaling. This procedure is common, and a precursor to gum surgery for advanced periodontal disease. Dr. Matarazzo, in his years of practice, has kept a keen eye on innovative technologies that will help patients who have gum disease in more non-invasive ways. Since the development of lasers in dentistry, we have been able to provide gentle, effective care for gum disease.

According to current statistics, as much as 80 percent of Americans are affected by gum disease in some form. Much of the time, this condition provides very few, if any, clear symptoms of the underlying problem. Due to this fact, we encourage our patients to maintain regular professional care. Trained to spot gum disease in its earliest stages, your dentist is the best path to early detection and conservative treatment.

For many, the idea of invasive surgical treatment for gum disease causes them to put off receiving necessary care. In most cases, however, surgery can be avoided. The laser dentistry services we provide in our Quincy, MA dental office have proven extremely effective at treating gum disease.

The use of laser in dental treatment provides ample benefit to our patients. Lasers have great precision, which means there is a more focused effect on tissue compared to conventional gum surgery. With laser equipment, we are able to accurately differentiate between diseased tissue and healthy tissue, and treat accordingly. This type of technology is not only ideal for gum treatment, but can also aid in the treatment of root canal infection, detecting and wiping out harmful bacteria.

Shortened recovery time is another benefit that patients experience when they undergo laser treatment. Because lasers are so precise and super-fine, the energy is far less invasive than other gum therapies. Once treated, the nerve endings of gum tissue are sealed and cauterized by the laser, eliminating the need for sutures. Avoiding incisions and sutures, laser gum treatment creates a far easier recovery.

Dr. Matarazzo has extensive experience providing a high standard of dental care. Contact us for your visit today.


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