Do you live in zip code 02169 and want your healthiest smile? See your Dentist for mercury-free fillings

See your Dentist for mercury-free fillings

Healthy smiles are beautiful smiles. To enjoy your healthiest smile, it is important to find a dentist with whom you feel comfortable. Dr. Matarazzo, serving zip code 02169 and surrounding communities, is a dentist who provides personalized care to each patient, based on specific needs at the time of treatment. Part of our high standard of care is the use of quality materials.

There are several goals of dentistry. Primarily, we seek to prevent dental problems that can occur when oral bacteria weaken teeth and gums. Dr. Matarazzo also maintains the goal of promoting the oral and general health of each patient using optimal materials. With this goal, it is our position to avoid the use of mercury in dental restorations.

Throughout the history of dentistry, fillings have not necessarily been advertised as containing mercury. The questionable material is actually dental amalgam. This filling material is composed of various metals, including nickel, copper, silver, and tin. These metals are bound together by mercury. Explained in such a way, it is easy to assume that the concentration of mercury is extremely low. In truth, mercury makes up fifty percent of each amalgam filling.

Although some dental offices still use amalgam to repair damaged teeth, we avoid the use of this material. Dr. Matarazzo has not used dental amalgam in his practice for the last twenty-five years. The reason for avoiding this material is that mercury is an element with extremely poisonous effects. This substance, although natural, can have devastating effects on the body, as well as the environment. As research has shown the dangerous effects of mercury, this substance has been removed from many products, such as conventional thermometers. Despite research, however, mercury remains a common part of dentistry.

The fact that mercury is a known toxin is reason enough to avoid amalgam fillings. There is further reason Dr. Matarazzo prefers composite fillings over amalgam, however. Though amalgam is still considered a long-lasting, durable filling material by many dentists, there is evidence to the contrary. People who have had amalgam fillings in place for several years often find that these restorations have failed to produce the lasting effects expected.

Amalgam fillings, fabricated from metal, are not as similar to natural tooth structure as necessary for ultimate function. Both metal and natural enamel expand and contract with varying temperatures. The rate of movement, however, is vastly different. Due to this difference, tooth fractures caused by amalgam fillings are quite common, and subsequent repair becomes necessary.

A healthy smile does the body good. For mercury-free dentistry in Quincy, contact the dental office of Dr. Matarazzo.


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